Monday, July 20, 2009

Restaurant Review:N - A Modern Grill!

My fascination for “N”, started the day I came to know that it was Nagarjuna’s restaurant! Its by far the most fanciest place ive ever been to. Its located at Rd#36, Jubilee hills, on the way to Madhapur. The place is just awesome… Has a great ambience worn out and rustic yet very classy! The place has a separate menu for lunch and dinner. I had been to lunch so I donno what the dinner menu offers. The prices are a bit on the higher side.It’s a continental restaurant which caters nothing for the Indian food lovers. Its definitely for people who want to experiment with their food…

For starters we had garlic bread which was good and onion rings which were better. Then jumped into the main course. We ordered Grill chicken in Harissa sauce, was good could have been better. Teriyaki Chicken, it was simply delicious!!! Spicy Cajun Murrel Fish, this was exquisite… really soft and tender. And in the veggie section had Vegetable Brown Rice Risoto, very creamy and tasty. The food was really tasty and the presentation was even better!

Then came the dessert section… Yummy! We ordered for a Brownie, Panna Cotta, Rum and Raisin ice cream and Roasted Almond & Chocolate Caramel ice cream. All were simply superb the chocolate ice cream was just ok… but the other three were awesome! On the whole an awesome dining experience, rather on the expensive side. Wanna impress a girl on the first date or wanna throw an elegant party this is just the place. Being a dry day couldn’t try the drink.

My Verdict: Jus Awesome, if u don mind the prices jus go for it!

Meal for Two: Rs 1500-1800(Excluding Drinks)

My Rating: ****/*****

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review-Roadside Eateries: Pragathi Dosa Centre

Situated just opposite to Pragathi Degree College,Koti on the roadside is a famous Dosa Center... called as Pragathi Dosa Centre. Most of you must be knowing this place, but for the few who have never been there don be any more late! Opens up in the mornin maybe around 7am and goes on till they are sold out.
The Dosa is just awesome, have only two varieties Butter Dosa and Butter Paneer Dosa... We have to stress on the word Butter cause they put a very generous lump of Butter on it... Definitely not for the diet conscious people. The paneer dosa is simply delicious priced at an affordable rate of Rs.25. One dosa will be so filling that u will be thinking of skipping lunch for the day!!! Beside the dosa centre u also get idlies, vada etc and to finish it off some sugarcane juice.

Verdict: Simply Superb!!! If u havent eaten a dosa here you are missing somethin superb in life!
My Rating: *****/*****

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Federer Does It Again!!!

Oh my god!!! This was my reaction and still is after watchin the finals yesterday night! What a match it was… One of the greatest matches in history and the Greatest player ever… prevailed. Roger Federer, the World Number 1 once again, 15 Grandslams(World Record beating Pete’s record of 14), A career Grandslam all his records show what he is… and what he is capable of!

The match ended after a 95 minute long duel in the final set, Federer winning the coveted Wimbledon trophy for the sixth time, by 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14, over Andy Roddick. It was a match where anyone could win it, both the players displayed amazing grass court play. Roddick definitely played the match of his career but he couldn win it. There had to be a winner, and this time it was Roger. The 2008 finals was also amazing, probably the greatest where Roger had lost the match but won many hearts! This time definitely luck was on his side and he won! It was amazing to see Roger fight back in the second set tie-break down from 2-6 to 8-6 to win the set. That was definitely the turning point in the match for federer.

I really don have words to express my joy… over his victory! As soon as he won me and my friend hugged each other and started crying with joy… We were tensed all the while and were overjoyed when it ended. Roger U have really done it all!!! Wish u, all the best for the coming tournaments and hope u win many more. And Roddick u have definitely won many fans yesterday… if it weren’t Federer I would definitely be rooting for u! All the best!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Restaurant Review: Kwalitys Grill n Curry

Today went out for dinner and found an interesting new place in secunderabad. Grill n Curry, near park lane just beside Nan King. Its a nice lil cosy place. Has good interiors... and ambience. Its not expensive and moderately priced.The menu consisted of continental and indain food, as the name suggests. It has some new names on the menu...
Started of with a snack, din find the soup interesting. Had some thin called as Rekak, which was a paneer and mint stuffed spring roll. It was amazing! next jumped into indian khana, tried malai kofta, which was good not too sweet nor hot... jus right. And dal makhni which was exquisite. The restaurant offers a good choice in breads, they were all right. The choice for non vegetarians is more... Then tried out spaghetti in pesto sauce, this time non veg. It was really good and the garlic bread served along with it was too good! Had some gobi mutter biryani to finish it off... which wasn't that appealing... was totally stuffed so din try out the desserts.

Verdict: So overall a very good place with good food and not high on the pocket...
My Rating: ***/*****
Meal for 2: Rs.500-600

Friday, July 3, 2009

Review- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

After watching this movie I really wanted to ask Mr. Speilberg what he sees in Micheal Bay that he made him direct this movie! The revenge of the Fallen… really FALLS… to such a low that even considering it as an action entertainer is wrong!

Saw this movie in Imax, hoping it would at least be good… not even the Imax scenes were watchable! I really thought this was 200 bucks and 2 1/2 hours of my life I won be getting back… and I wasted. My butt started paining sitting for over 150 minutes! Movie actually has no story to talk about… except for graphical extravaganza. The movie leaves u dizzy and numb. I couldn’t take even the first twenty minutes of the movie.

I really dint understangd how Optimus Prime who was way weaker than Megatron in the first part… now can fight with Megatron and two more decepticons with such an ease. Film has no sense in it. I really don understand why the film makers think an action movie need only thrills an rides and adrenaline rush and no STORY! Its really pathetic they think that a movie can work only on them, rather even those are not present in this movie. The only watchable thing in this movie was Megan Fox, who looked really hot. Acting wise none was good or I rather say were hopeless. And the most horrible part was introduction of new robots, which were hopeless. The robot twins which were hip-hop talking… was pathetic. Guess the director thought they would be funny. And the bikes, terminator like robots and the giant robot in the end all were trash!!!! There is nothing to say about this movie but to say avoid it!!!!

Verdict: Avoid it, even if u are a big fan of Transformers, the first part.

My rating */***** (That’s actually being generous)

MJ- The most misunderstood Icon of all time!

June 25, 2009 was one the darkest day in the history of music industry. The sudden death of Michael Jackson send shock waves all over the world! I was sitting with my friends when someone messaged me that Mj was no more... i thought it was probably a lie... So i rushed home and checked the net and was devastated. He was the reason most of us started listening to English pop music. He was the reason many learnt to dance.There was not even a single song with negativity in it... every song was positive which he made.
He was very badly misunderstood and was very controversial, while he was living and even after his demise. The most sad thing is that people still think he got plastic surgery done just to become a "White MAN". That's entirely false, he had a skin depigmentation disease know as Vitiligo and also Lupus which attacks the body cells and tissue, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage. And the media termed him as "Wacko Jacko". People allege that he had undergone sex change operations and stuff like that... and the media made it a big issue. All this made him to lead a lonely and sad life.
Mj we are sorry for everything, we love u. Wish u were alive. At least it would have been a fitting farewell had u performed in the final concert. U entertained us more than thirty years, have made large impact on our lives... we can never forget u... U will always live in our hearts.. KING OF POP... Rest in Peace!!

Review-Ice Age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs.

Had i at least had a chance to watch this movie on a 3D screen, i guess i would have enjoyed it a little bit. Having seen the previous two parts of this series, and after watching the trailer of this one... had huge expectations on it. God all of them were crushed!!! A not worthy triquel spoiling all the fun of the series ICE AGE!

Movie starts of with Manny and Ellie(the Mammoths) expecting their child... and diego(sabre tooth) tryin to break away from the herd, in search of some adventure... Leaving Sid(sloth) with no choice but leave also. In the process Sid finds some dino eggs... and tries to be their mama... The mother of the eggs comes to find them and carries the new born dinos and Sid to a never seen world, the land of the dinosaurs. This land of dinosaurs is jus below the ice laden land... Which is ridiculous... that something can be frozen under ice in such a manner...? And in the last movie we thought that the ice was melting down... and the ice age coming to an end. But still the ice continues to rule the world. Dont know if the story writer and the director were out of ideas or out of their minds!

Next the mammoths and the cat go into the dino land to find and rescue Sid... the rest of events take place gradually having some tender moments... heart touching moments... some very hilarious and many ridiculous moments!!! Watching the movie i got so bored that i felt i was really FROZEN in time! And the worst part of the movie is that it had a separate comedy track between two squirrels... like in a telugu movie... which has no relevance to the story nor was funny at any strechs of imagination!

The best thing about the movie is the animation!!! Truly awesome... and the only saving grace of the movie is SID...

So watch this movie only if u r a follower of the ice age series... or if u have hundred bucks in your pocket and nothing else to do!

My Rating **/*****